Collaboration Services of 2022

Collaborative software will enable you to coordinate ideas and to manage and sync your files, leading to enhanced productivity of your business.


  • Project Organization
  • Timelines
  • Portfolios
  • Workload Management
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Teams shouldn’t labor away in a vacuum, hoping that their efforts mesh at the next team standup. Great project management software provides solutions for tracking, communication, and collaboration. With Asana, you can target your energy on your brand and product rather than chasing down updates and loose ends. As a result, your whole team can view their responsibilities in one place, eliminating confusion about priorities. A well-integrated workforce is engaged, efficient, and creative, which puts the focus on getting the best work done.


  • To-Do Lists
  • Message Boards
  • Campfires (Real-Time Group Chat)
  • Pings (Direct Messages)
  • Email Forwards
  • Scheduling
  • Documents & File Storage
  • Client Access
  • Reports
  • Check-in Questions
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Basecamp is software that will help businesses of any shape or size communicate more effectively while sharing data and projects on one platform.

Dropbox Business

  • File Backup
  • Security
  • Administrative Tools
  • Team Collaboration
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Dropbox Business brings file-sharing to larger organizations and enterprises that need to integrate it with internal systems and administer large teams. The company expands their consumer product to include enhanced security, management, and public APIs. This combination of features and affordable pricing makes it a popular choice as a team file-syncing tool for over 300,000 businesses.


  • Business Gmail
  • Video & Voice Conferencing
  • Team Messaging
  • Shared Calendars
  • Documents
  • App Creation
  • Storage
  • Smart Search
  • Customer Support
  • Administrative Tools
  • Alert Center
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G Suite harnesses the power of Google's innovative services. It offers the simple, intuitive interfaces that you love for your business. Get everyone on board and collaborate like never before with a host of tools like documents, spreadsheets, and slide show presentations all in the cloud. Open quick face-to-face chat and touch base with the team on important projects. Get 24/7 customer support for any issues that you encounter along the way via phone, email, or live chat. Google truly provides a full host of cloud-based tools for your business's document and communication collaboration needs!


  • Scrum Boards
  • Kanban Boards
  • Roadmaps
  • Agile Reports
  • Data Center for Enterprises
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If you have an unwieldy agile software project to manage, Jira can bring order to the chaos with a set of agile-focused features that streamline the development process. With everything from scrum boards to performance reports, it brings together the tools you need to a cloud-based app that's available anywhere there's an internet connection. Atlassian's pricing makes it cost-effective for small startups, but the app scales seamlessly to enterprises with hundreds of developers on each project.

Office 365

  • Students
  • Home Users
  • Small Businesses
  • Enterprises
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Office 365 continues to be the go-to suite of productivity applications for anyone who needs to write documents, create simple data visualizations, or organize themselves. Microsoft offers Office 365 with packages designed for home users, small business employees, large companies, and academic settings. The transition to cloud technology makes updating your Office applications transparent, and the upfront cost is greatly reduced when you start with a monthly plan.

  • Collaboration
  • Time Tracking
  • Planning
  • Automation
  • Security
  • Customer Service
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starstarstarstar_halfstar_border provides all of the tools you need to organize your business. Collaboration has never been so easy as with's boards, as well as its built-in automation and seamless integration. It even plays nice with all of your favorite apps while providing a special way for you and your team to work on the latest documents. Upload content, track time, work together, and do it all securely with's management software.


  • Boards
  • Cards
  • Lists
  • Power-Ups
  • Award-Winning Support
  • Automation
  • Administration Features
  • Security Options
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Trello combines workflow with administrative and automation tools for the perfect project management software. From individuals to businesses like National Geographic and Kickstarter, Trello has something for anyone and everyone. Your business is sure to benefit from streamline tools like boards, cards, and lists. Keep track of your team members' progress, and get critical updates when milestones on projects are reached. Collaborate like never before with Trello!


  • Create and Share Pages
  • Search and Organize Information
  • Provide Feedback
  • Build a Workspace Quickly with Page Templates
  • Add Plugins in Atlassian Marketplace
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Confluence is more than a document sharing application. It gives team leaders a versatile way to create pages that document specifications, decisions made in planning meetings, and team content. Atlassian integrates Confluence into their project management and team task apps, but it can function as a standalone platform, too. As a cloud-based software service, it's readily available to remote team members wherever they happen to be based in the world.

Why do I need Collaboration software?

Use collaboration software to share ideas among team members, to have the most up-to-date versions of projects, and to create an accessible workspace for all users involved. When choosing from the various collaboration software products on our website, useful decision criteria to help you choose a product that will best serve your company's needs are price range, ease of use, and how to choose the provider.

Price Range

Pricing plans are based on the features that the product provides your company with. Based on your company's needs for collaboration tools, you can choose the plan that's best for your needs. Pricing is based on features provided and ranges from basic free plans, to set monthly fees, to a base fee per month with additional costs per user. Many plan prices vary depending on the number of users your company will have.

Ease of Use

We base our ratings on reviews from Capterra, GetApp and G2 which gives reviewers the ability to rate products based on ease of use. Therefore, you can be assured that we have provided easy-to-use collaborative solutions on our website. The interface of the product you choose should be user-friendly and should allow permissions for those who you would like to share and collaborate with! You should also ensure that you can access the software through all devices that your business currently uses.

How to Choose the Provider

The various providers have plans customized to differing types and sizes of businesses so that you can choose what you require from a collaboration solution and what is within your price range. It is important to make sure that the collaboration software that you choose integrates with your current office technology. You can find this information under our 'Integrations' section!