Password management app and browser extension.
LastPass is a password management app that helps you assign and remember strong, unique passwords for various website or mobile app log-in. It helps you avoid insecure practices like reusing passwords or relying on mnemonics, making your accounts harder to hack. LastPass is the last password manager you'll need to keep track of the dozens of passwords you create for various websites and services online. Below are some of ways LastPass helps users manage their online credentials securely.

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LogMeIn created LastPass to simplify the way people interact with each other on the Internet. The company grew to become one of the top ten SaaS firms in the world in recent years with over two million daily users. Serving both consumer and business markets, LogMeIn invests in products and technologies that empower the modern workplace and home user. They credit their success to company's operating principles: accountability, personal growth, confidence, open collaboration, and engagement.

Plans and Pricing

Free Personal Plan
Free for 1 user
Plan Details
  • Try the Premium plan below for 20 days when you get the free plan!
Premium Personal Plan
$3/mo. for 1 user
Plan Details
  • The Premium plan adds services like priority tech support and up to 1 GB of encrypted storage space to the Free plan.
Family Plan
$4/mo. for up to 6 users
Plan Details
  • The Family plan lets you manage up to six Premium users with a Family Dashboard.
$4/mo. per user for 5-50 seats
Plan Details
  • The most simple and secure option for business. The Team plan is recommended for teams with up to 50 members.
$6/mo. per user for 5+ seats
Plan Details
  • Various secure access points for your passwords and logins.
$3/mo. per user for 5+ seats
Plan Details
  • Adaptive and intelligent authentication with face, fingerprint and voice biometrics.
$8/mo. per user for 5+ seats
Plan Details
  • Combined secure access point and adaptive authentication provided in the Enterprise and MFA plans.


Integrates with Web Browsers
    Once you download the app, you'll find the LastPass button added to its toolbar. You log-in there, and LastPass handles all your website and app log-ins afterward.
    Keeps Your Passwords Safe
      You create a single master password that can be as long and complex as you need to make it secure. This single strong password becomes your master password for accessing all your accounts.
      Organizes Passwords in a Manager Vault
        You can browse the passwords you've created for different accounts in LastPass's vault. When it's time to change a password, you can quickly update it at your convenience.
        Provides Multiple Ways to Add Passwords
          You can add passwords to LastPass the first time you log-in to a site, import credentials from your email account, or import a set of passwords from another manager app.
          Implements Strong Security
            LastPass encrypts your data to AES-256 and PBKDF2 SHA-256 standards with salted hashes. Critical data like log-in credentials are stored locally, so you won't need to worry about hackers intercepting them or breaking into a remote server. LastPass also includes the latest multi-factor authentication standards to keep your account secure.


            “The first and last password manager my company will ever use”

            Ken Prock, April 13, 2019

            Source: GetApp

            “A no-brainer for personal use. An absolute must for organizations juggling multiple users”

            Gordon W H., January 30, 2019

            Source: Capterra