Project workplace collaboration tool.
Confluence is a collaboration tool that takes the concept of a shared project workspace further than document and file sharing services. You can create pages that track decisions and milestones as well as specifications and documentation. Team members can follow relevant tasks and participate regardless of their location or time zone. Confluence is a customizable workspace for teams large or small. The app's features can be divided into a few areas: Creating pages, searching and organizing documents, and feedback and comments. Confluence also provides a collection of page templates and plugins available in Atlassian Marketplace.

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Confluence features:


Atlassian began life as a software enterprise when Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar launched Jira 1.0 in 2002. That initial offering was a project management tool geared towards software agencies and startups. In the years that followed, the Atlassian brand builds a comprehensive set of business and project management tools ranging from software repositories to team collaboration. Confluence has been the company's collaboration application since 2003. They reached $100 million in annual revenue in 2012, and the company continues to grow with over 3,000 employees.

Plans and Pricing

Confluence Collaboration
Atlassian calculates the monthly pricing for Confluence based on the size of your team
Plan Details
  • As you add more users, you get a discount. Enterprises with over 5,000 users can also negotiate a self-hosted version of Confluence. Below is the pricing breakdown by team size:
  • 1-10 users: $10/month; 11-100 users: $5/month per user; 101-250 users: $3.50/month each for the next 150 users; Over 250 users: $1.10/month for each after the first 250 users


Create and Share Pages
    Confluence gives you a flexible page creator to easily organize any kind of project. You can create pages for meeting notes, software requirements, HR policies, or document drafts. You can start with a blank page or choose from a collection of templates that cover the most common pages needed by project managers. Pages can contain text, image, or video content in addition to links to supporting documents.
    Search and Organize Information
      When projects become large, it can be difficult for team members to find the specific information they need to answer a question. Confluence offers organization tools that allow teams to navigate large and complex workspaces better. You can group related pages together and share pages with only relevant team members. Confluence also can create structured page trees and uses a powerful search algorithm.
      Provide Feedback
        The review process speeds up when teams collaborate with apps like Confluence. Pages can be jointly edited, and team members can quickly discuss feedback with inline comments and mention alerts. The combination of these communication tools makes coming to a consensus quicker than email or trading files back and back.
        Build a Workspace Quickly with Page Templates
          Confluence has been used for project workspaces for well over a decade, and it has an extensive collection of page templates that represent the shared experience of project managers over the years. Common types of pages can be quickly formatted and populated with information using these templates. There's no need to reinvent page formats with Confluence.
          Add Plugins in Atlassian Marketplace
            The Atlassian Marketplace is a powerful selling point for all the Atlassian products because it collects together integration plugins for third-party apps that will save time. Instead of needing to manually add files from Google Drive or Dropbox, you can integrate with those apps to make the files available in your Confluence workspace.


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