HR software & benefits systems for small to mid-sized businesses.
The Zenefits platform involves HR, payroll, benefits, and scheduling in one integrated system. Employers can use Zenefits for hiring and onboarding, scheduling and timekeeping, and processing paychecks. The benefits portal provides healthcare, retirement, commuter benefits, life and disability insurance, and more. Zenefits is designed to save business owners time and money while still giving them access to high-quality benefits and support systems.

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Zenefits features:


Zenefits offers HR software and benefits systems expressly for small- and medium-sized businesses. They recognize companies in these categories as the essential foundation of the economy and provide access to high-end services to these owners and employees.

Plans and Pricing

$8 per month per employee
Plan Details
  • Zenefits Essentials is the foundational HR software you need to get your business up and running with great benefits, a powerful scheduling system, and the integrations and mobile apps that will keep all your productivity tools in sync.
  • Core HR; Time and scheduling; Benefits administration with a Zenefits Certified Broker Partner; Integrations; Mobile app
$14 per month per employee
Plan Details
  • Zenefits Growth adds management tools that enable you to monitor employee performance and get the whole picture about your compensation practices.
  • Above, plus: Compensation management; Performance management
$21 per month per employee
Plan Details
  • Zenefits’s well-being features help you track and support your workforce’s well-being. Pre-built assessments and ongoing reports help you track well-being over time, and the system provides customized tips and training suggestions.
  • Above, plus: Well-being
The Zenefits website has an intuitive pricing calculator where you can select features and calculate costs for your workforce.
Plan Details
  • Payroll: $6 per month per employee
  • Advisory Services: $8 per month per employee
  • Benefits Admin Using Own Broker: $5 per month per employee


Human Capital Management
    Beginning with HR, Zenefits helps you manage your workforce from hiring to daily operations. The system has features for preparing compensation packages and producing offer letters for full-time employees, contractors, and freelancers. Self-service onboarding syncs new hire information to your benefits and payroll system, meaning you can fast-track your talent into position. The system also provides smart workforce reports to give you insights into turnover, compensation, and more.
      Advanced features make processing payroll simple and confusion-free, no matter what kind of unique needs your workforce has. The system supports garnishments, direct deposit, reporting tips, multiple schedules and pay-rates, contractors, and mobile paystubs. Because Zenefits is fully interlinked, your payroll will sync automatically with salary or benefits changes, time off requests, or any other updates that happen elsewhere.
        Working for a small company shouldn’t impact the quality of benefits available to your employees. Zenefits offers complete coverage, and you can select the benefits package that’s right for your business. With options to find a plan through a broker or integrate a plan you already have, Zenefits has the flexibility to address your needs.
          Finally, Zenefits provides powerful timekeeping software so you can create schedules, manage time off requests, and communicate with your team all in one place. Build your schedule with a clean, attractive interface, then automatically notify your staff when a new schedule is done. You can easily see where employee time is spent, track hours worked, and manage time off. Employees can clock in and out from desktop and mobile apps, and you have the option to track the locations of all clock punches.


          “I love the clean, simple design. Everything has its own home within the site and it all makes total sense. I'm not hunting for 20 minutes for 1 little thing and I love that.”

          Katherine O., May 2, 2019

          Source: G2

          “As a personnel manager at my company, Zenefits makes it easy for me to manage my team's hiring, onboarding, compensation, PTO, etc. in one place. Without Zenefits we would have to hire a couple of additional people to do what it allows us to do systematically.”

          Mike H., July 25, 2019

          Source: Capterra