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WordPress is an open source web publishing platform that simplifies the process of creating website content and managing it. The platform's central purpose is blogging, but expanded features make it a viable way to build a storefront or website around a blog. WordPress has become a popular website platform because of the flexibility that it has gained in recent years. The core platform is extended further by a thriving third-party market offering over 50,000 plugins that are usually free. WordPress is a free software platform that anyone can install on a website; however, you can also host a site. Their hosting site offers a free starter plan and five paid plans.

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WordPress features:


WordPress began life in 2003 as an extension of a publishing program called Cafelog. It was developed by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg as a personal publishing system, which internet users would call a "blog" in later years. Their web design software was developed under the GPL license and PHP and MySQL are its underlying technologies. Today, it's a sophisticated platform that powers websites, personal blogs, and eCommerce businesses around the world.

Plans and Pricing

Free Plan
Plan Details
  • You get a domain, WordPress installation, and access to an admin dashboard, and WordPress reader. Your site will display ads for the WordPress network, and you won't have any monetization options.
Plan Details
  • This plan comes with a free .blog domain for a year, 6 GB of storage, and no Wordpress.com ads.
Plan Details
  • You get any available domain free for a year, and live chat support is added.
Plan Details
  • Geared towards freelancers, this plan adds advanced social media features, PayPal payments, site monetization options, and video blogging.
Plan Details
  • This plan adds support for all the plugins that a full install of WordPress allows on a independent website. Personalized help, SEO tools, Google Analytics, and the option to remove the WordPress.com branding are added, too.
Plan Details
  • This plan adds payment options for customers in over 60 countries, integration with delivery services, unlimited product listings, marketing tools, and customizable themes.


Customizable Designs
    WordPress allows web designers to select themes that both provide a style and interface for their site. Many themes are free, and professional designers sell advanced themes. Tech savvy users who understand PHP and CSS can create their own themes or modify existing themes to suit their needs.
    SEO Friendly
      WordPress is designed to work with search engines like Google. If the SEO features it comes with aren't powerful enough for your needs, SEO plugins are available to add the capabilities you’re looking for. Yoast, ranking calculators, and other SEO tools will get your SEO marketing off the ground.
      Responsive Mobile Sites
        WordPress comes out of the box ready to deliver a responsive website experience for mobile users. They reinforce that philosophy with the many responsive themes that are available for web designers to select.
        Secure Architecture
          WordPress has a dedicated security team focused on eliminating insecure code to ensure that it doesn't create vulnerabilities for websites that install it. The team collaborates with other platforms and industry experts to stay on top of issues as they are discovered. When security fixes are released, WordPress installations around the world are upgraded automatically.
          Media Management
            Many creative freelancers need professional solutions that showcase their work online. WordPress serves these needs with native support for images, animations, and videos. Whether you're looking for a place to curate an art gallery or want a platform for video blogging, WordPress has the media management features needed.


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