Productive team communication software.
Twist is team communication software designed to make work more intentional. Twist combines transparency with organizational tools that make conversations on large and complex projects more productive.

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Doist is a software company that wants to make life calm, balanced, and fulfilling with tools that make collaboration productive. To this end, they've released Todoist and Twist to help businesses accomplished these goals with their own business projects. Doist is a fully distributed company with remote employees working all over the world. With forward-thinking business goals and processes, Doist's long-term goal is to become a market leader in team communication software in the next 10 years.

Plans and Pricing

Plan Details
  • The Free plan doesn't cost you any monthly subscription fees, but the software features are somewhat limited. You can only store a single month of conversations at any given time, meaning that older conversations roll-off and are lost. You also get only five product integrations, 5GB of storage space, and unlimited guests.
$5/month per user
Plan Details
  • Unlimited retains the full messaging history for each project and removes the limitations to integration and storage space. You also get unlimited guests and priority support from Doist.


    Threads organize individual conversations between team members. Those conversations persist and can be discovered and revisited days or even years later when they become relevant again.
      Channels combine related threads by business department or individual projects. Each team member can quickly scan the threads in a channel to get a bird's eye view of the conversations taking place and that have happened in the past.
        Messages give team members the ability to communicate one-on-one when they want to avoid distracting others, touch base, or just socialize. Messages can also be converted into group chats that involve only a select set of people.
        Time & Stress Management
          One of Twists distinctions is time and stress management features that make group communications easier and more productive. For example, Twist does away with online/offline indicators that signal availability to other users. Team members won't feel pressured to be logged in continuously or to respond immediately because they are online.
          Notification Options
            Twist also gives users intelligent notification controls to manage distractions. Users can choose which threads or colleagues to receive notifications from at any given time. When a user needs a large block of undistracted time, they can take turn off all notifications.
              Twist offers connectivity with common collaboration tools like GitHub and file sharing services. It supports multiple channels of communication for remote teams like video calls, threaded conversations, and group chats. You can also pull in guests who aren't officially members of your team but who are important consultants or stakeholders in a project.


              "Intuitive user interface. Efficient with organising of the threads. Easy to create different channels for different projects."

              John G., March 21, 2019

              Source: Capterra

              "Efficient with organising threads thus making work easier and great with sharing files and messages"

              John Gathuru, March 21, 2019

              Source: GetApp