Time Tracking and Employee Scheduling Software
TSheets is a software product that replaces traditional paper timecards and payroll spreadsheets with a single application for tracking employee work hours. The application tracks employee hours in real time and converts that data into payroll numbers without the hassle of data entry and processing. TSheets combines time tracking with scheduling features, and it integrates with payroll software like Intuit's QuickBooks.

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TSheets features:


TSheets wants to be the No. 1 rated time tracking and employee scheduling software provider. To that end, they've brought together a team of close to 300 software and business professionals who have developed TSheets into the product it is today. The company was founded in Eagle, Idaho in 2006 and grew over of a period of nine years before it was acquired by Intuit in 2018. Since the company launched TSheets, clients in over a hundred countries have processed more than 250 million employee timesheets.

Plans and Pricing

Product Plans
Scheduling is sold separated for $1/mo. per user.
Plan Details
  • TSheets is available at three different pricing plans depending on the number of end users listed below. All three plans include a full-featured version of the application, which includes detailed reports, integration with payroll apps, a time clock kiosk, payroll, invoicing, the mobile app, and customizable alerts.
Plan Details
  • TSheets is free for single users.
Small Business
Plan Details
  • The small business plan covers 2-99 users. The base price is $16 a month plus $4 for each user.
Plan Details
  • This plan applies to businesses with a hundred or more users. The base price is $80 plus $4 per user.


Time Clock
    TSheets includes time clock kiosk software that employees use to clock in and out of their electronic timecards. TSheets handles employee authentication with photo capture and facial recognition software. The kiosk software runs on desktop computers and tablets for maximum flexibility.
    Mobile App
      The TSheets mobile app makes managing employees at multiple locations simpler. Managers can clock their team members in and out as a group or separately. They can also access schedules, GPS tracking data, and project sign-off signatures.
      GPS Time Tracker
        TSheets's mobile app captures GPS location data to provide a record of where employees are when they clock in and out of work.
        Who's on the Clock
          The app also gives managers a bird's eye view of employee status in one place. You can see who is working and where they are at any time from the mobile app.
          Alerts and Approvals
            You can also create alerts for overtime when an employee reaches 40 hours for the week and approve the extra time from inside TSheets. That's just one example of the alerts that TSheets makes possible for both managers and employees.
            Job Scheduling
              Job scheduling assigns tasks or projects to employees to ensure your business operates smoothly. When an employee receives a job in TSheets, they get a notification. They'll receive all the critical data they need about the job from the information you enter in TSheets when you create it. Like time tracking, the manager can access and edit schedules from a desktop computer or a mobile app.
              Shift Scheduling
                Shift scheduling assigns workers to a shift at your business. Whether you run a manufacturing or retail business, you need to create detailed schedules to ensure your business operates efficiently. TSheets provides a single place to organize each shift and keep a record for later review.


                "5 stars to the team, Support is quick to respond and always has a solution"

                Tawnya K., February 15, 2019

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                "TSheets is best on the market"

                Jennifer Durfey, April 11, 2019

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