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Sprout Social is an award-winning social media management tool for your business. See all of your social media profiles in one spot while managing them seamlessly from Sprout Social's dashboard. Additionally, get reports on how successful your marketing campaigns are as well as tips on improving outreach to customers!

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Sprout Social is fantastic in the following:

Sprout Social, Inc

Sprout is a company that thrives on its diversity and celebrates the unique experiences of its team. They are dedicated to designing simple ways for companies to communicate through social media outreach. Sprout is always committed to a quality workplace and product!

Plans and Pricing

Sprout Social Standard plan
$99 month per user
Plan Details
  • 5 social profiles; All in one inbox; Social media posting; Instagram posts; Tasks and CRM tools; Reports; Facebook paid promotion; Sprout Social apps
Sprout Social Professional plan
$149/month per user
Plan Details
  • 10 social profiles; Everything in Sprout Social Standard; Custom reports; Message tagging; Workflow; Optimal post times; Twitter analysis; Paid social reporting; Helpdesk integration
Sprout Social Advanced plan
$249/month per user
Plan Details
  • 10 social profiles; Everything in Sprout Social Standard and Professional plans; Message spike alerts; Digital storage; Chatbots; Saved and suggested replies; Automated inbox organization; Custom URL tracking; Twitter surveys


Monitor & Engage
  • All in one inbox: connect all your social media accounts to one inbox for easy access
  • Message tagging: mark content keywords on incoming and outgoing messages in the all-in-one-inbox
  • Helpdesk integration: integrate Sprout Social with your Zendesk or Uservoice for the ultimate customer assistance
  • Message spike alerts: stay up to date on when your business experiences higher than normal message activity and monitor it
  • Chatbots: create custom automated responses on Twitter and Facebook
  • Saved and suggested replies: use previous responses to similar questions, save the most common for next time
  • Automated inbox organization: set keywords and automatically organize or respond to messages in your inbox
  • Twitter surveys: gather CSAT and NPS scores with automated customer surveys on Twitter
Plan & Publish
  • Social media posting: post across all of your profiles at once, schedule posts with the post calendar, even leave posts in queue for team member review and approval
  • Instagram posts: instantly upload single image posts without the extra mobile hassle, while monitoring first comments with custom push notifications
  • Workflow: set up approval steps for team-created content
  • Optimal post times: learn when your business is getting the most attention and schedule posts during it
  • Facebook paid promotion: Boost your Facebook posts with tools designed to maximize your business's online social media exposure
  • Sprout Social apps: take advantage of the iOS and Android apps and always be connected on mobile
Report & Analyze
  • Reports: get analyses on your social media groups, individual profiles (up to 5), and even posts
  • Custom reports: keep track of your latest post interactions while charting the latest trends associated with your brand, as well as response rate and team time analysis reports
  • Twitter analysis: stay relevant with the latest data on trending hashtags and keywords
  • Paid social reporting: boost your business to new exposure across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Custom URL tracking: convert tracking codes to easy links for analyzing your social media traffic
  • Tasks and CRM tools: make notes on customer conversations that only your team can view, set tasks for your team based on these notes, and follow up easily


More than happy with Sprout Social - would recommend!

Johanna S, Apr 17, 2019

Source: G2

Social Media in a new robe

Jacek Sawczyszyn, Jul 12, 2019

Source: GetApp

Sprout Social

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