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Sendinblue's tools comprise three main categories: Email and SMS campaigns, marketing automation tools, and customer relationship management. With these tools, marketers can set up campaigns that leverage customer databases to personalize email, texting, and social media messages.

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Sendinblue wants to be the marketing partner of choice with a suite of tools that help small businesses connect with their customers. Most marketing companies chase enterprise-sized customers, but Sendinblue gears their products to clients that need affordable and agile solutions. Their market strategy software integrates text messaging and email campaigns with automation tools and social media. The full bundle saves time and leverages market data effectively, and their cloud-driven products grew to 80,000 companies worldwide in recent years.

Plans and Pricing

Plan Details
  • 300 emails per day
Plan Details
  • 40,000 emails per month
Plan Details
  • 60,000 emails per month
  • Sendinblue braning is removed
  • Advanced statistics
Plan Details
  • Facebook Ads
  • Automation
  • Chat
  • Landing pages
  • 120,000 emails per month


Marketing strategy
  • Email campaigns
  • SMS
  • Facebook Ads
Sendinblue's market strategy software focuses on email campaigns, but it also pulls in other modern channels of communication like SMS and Facebook ads. Below are the highlights of the features they offer.
  • CMS integration
  • Social media integration
  • Email, text, and chat
Sendinblue's tools integrate with major content management systems and social media websites to pull together email, texting, and chat. Each pricing plan includes mass email campaigns, and adding their SMS marketing tools make it easier to connect with urgent offers. Sendinblue can also add chat windows to websites using proprietary plugins.
  • Personalize marketing messages
  • Segment your marketing
  • Targeted messages
Big data and automation make it possible to personalize marketing messages with data harvested from customer records and mailing lists. Sendinblue's automation tools help you segment your marketing with targeted messages to improve audience engagement. They can also handle transaction emails like order confirmations that integrate with third-party APIs, eCommerce plugins, and SMTP Relay.
  • Landing page hosting
  • Sign up forms
  • Facebook integration
Sendinblue offers several services to help you convert leads that respond to your campaigns. They host landing pages tailored to each marketing campaign and signup forms to collect new entries for your mailing list. Sendinblue's dashboard also integrates with Facebook to make it easier to tie Facebook ad campaigns to your contacts list. In addition to these tools, they provide a CRM dashboard to organize contact lists, track interactions, and keep notes about specific customers.


Sendinblue a gem that not everyone knows.

Arnaldo C, Oct 21, 2018

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SendinBlue is the best tool for sending emails.

Neftali M, Feb 4, 2019

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