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QuickBooks is a bookkeeping and accounting program that helps freelancers and small businesses save time as they handle their accounting and tax preparation. QuickBooks Online is the web version of Intuit's flagship application. Intuit bundles a host of features into their QuickBooks Online software to cover most income, expensing, and billing needs for small businesses. They also including reporting and tax preparation features to help small businesses manage their financial goals and incentives.

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Quickbooks Online features:


Intuit specializes in accounting and tax preparation. Millions of businesses and individuals utilize Intuit software, such as QuickBooks and TurboTax, to manage personal finances and business accounts. Intuit is also an industry leader in tax preparation.

Plans and Pricing

Plan Details
  • Designed for sole proprietors and freelancers, this plan includes income and expenses tracking, sales and sales taxes, receipt organizing, reports, and invoicing.
Plan Details
  • This plan adds progress invoicing, maximizes tax deductions, and sends estimates to prospects in addition to the Self-Employed plan features.
Plan Details
  • Designed for larger businesses, Essentials includes the features of EasyStart and adds multiple user accounts, bill payment management, multi-currency transactions, and time tracking.
Plan Details
  • This plan adds project profitability tracking and inventory tracking to the Essentials plan.


Track Income and Expenses
    One of the core features of any accounting application is tracking money received and bills paid. QuickBooks Online automatically imports your business transactions from bank accounts, credit lines, and payment platforms like PayPal. Once imported, QuickBooks sorts your transactions into standard and user-defined categories.
    Send Invoices
      QuickBooks does more than create paper invoices. With QuickBooks Online, you can send electronic invoices that accept payment when your customers click a link. QuickBooks will generate professional-looking electronic invoices with your logo and track their status once they've been issued to your clients.
      Maximize Tax Deductions
        QuickBooks uses expense categories designed for tax filings to calculate your deductions automatically. When tax season arrives, you can connect your QuickBooks account to a tax accountant's copy of QuickBooks Accountant or export the deduction reports. You won't discover unexpected surprises when it's time to file your taxes when you do your homework with an accounting program like QuickBooks.
        Organize Receipts
          If you track your transactions with paper receipts, QuickBooks Online can help you organize them electronically and retire the shoebox filing system. You can quickly scan receipts and tag them with income and expense categories using the QuickBooks mobile app on your phone. Each receipt's image can be linked to a transaction, making it easier to research and document expenses when you drill down into your business finances.
          Manage Bills
            QuickBooks Online can help take the stress out of managing the due dates of multiple bills every month. You can set up recurring bills, track their status, and record your payments as they're made in your day-to-day transactions. QuickBooks can also create checks drawn on your business accounts and print them from anywhere.
            Connect to Third-Party Apps
              QuickBooks minimizes data entry whenever possible, and one way it does that is by integrating with other apps to allow data import and export. If you have financial information and transaction data in other apps like bank accounts, credit lines, and ecommerce platforms, there's a good chance QuickBooks can import it.


              "Very Convenient for Small Businesses"

              Kimberly M., May 6, 2019

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              "The most complete small business accounting solution"

              Adrian Martinez, August 3, 2019

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              Quickbooks Online

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