Full-featured human capital management software
Paycor offers a full-featured human capital management software. Some of the HR functions that their HCM software include payroll, employee benefits, training, and recruiting.

Paycor recommends customized solutions for your company.

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Paycor features:


Bob Coughlin founded Paycor in 1990 when he realized the potential of technology to improve the human resources profession. Since then, the company has grown to serve over 30,000 small-to-medium businesses and organizations across the country. Paycor offers the latest computer technology to smaller companies that lack the budget to develop their own tools or purchase enterprise solutions. They do this by building modules designed specifically for different business sectors to meet their unique needs. Paycor's customers can choose from a set of pre-built solutions designed for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit, restaurants, and professional service companies.

Plans and Pricing

Customized Solutions
Tailored to your company
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  • Paycor offers quotes upon request that depend on several factors ranging from the size of your company to the number of HR functions you'd like your software solution to address.


Hiring Employees
    Paycor's recruiting module includes their Applicant Tracking System designed by HR professionals to make hiring teams more effective. They also include employee onboarding tools that help you make sure the talent you hire have a smooth experience from the first day they arrive for work.
    Employee Benefits
      HR workers spends a large part of their time administering employee benefits like healthcare and retirement plans as well as ensuring Affordable Care Act compliance. Paycor's HCM includes software that automates enrollment forms, ACA compliance forms, and creates checklists to help HR professionals avoid mistakes.
      Employee Training
        Paycor offers their Learning Management System as a solution to managing employee training across your business. It allows your HR professionals to create training programs and offer self-guided learning materials for employees to explore. The combination of online, classroom, and mobile device capabilities brings modern training tools to small business.
          Timekeeping systems that aren't integrated with your company's information system make labor costs opaque when you need to predict them for future budgets. Paycor's Time and Attendance solution gives you the tools you need to monitor your labor costs as they happen and plan for future staffing needs.
            Payroll and tax withholding can be another time-consuming task for HR professionals when they use a manual process cobbled together with several applications. Paycor allows you to fully automate the process by integrating with timekeeping and accounting applications. Not only does it streamline the process of paying your employees, it also gives you comprehensive tax compliance tools.
              The Reporting and Analytics solution helps business leaders get an overview of their human capital, both in terms of costs and compliance. They can also drill down into the data with insightful reports that make it simple to recognize trends as they happen.
              The Paycor Marketplace
                Paycor's Marketplace gives you the full potential of integrating their HCM software with other applications, partner services, and custom applications. You can find developers ready to extend Paycor's software by adding custom apps, or you can discover apps that are already provided by service partners.


                "Paycor has a ton of functionality without costing an arm and a leg. It is easy to use and helps keep a ton of HR data organized in a single place"

                Dawn L., July 29, 2019

                Source: Capterra

                "It gets the job done fast and accurately"

                Jim Brockschmidt, June 25, 2019

                Source: GetApp