NetSuite CRM

Cloud-based customer relationship solution
NetSuite CRM delivers a cloud-based overview of your business's customer relationships. In addition to features common to most CRM software, it includes others that useful to sales professionals like quoting and forecasting reports. NetSuite CRM brings together a host of related features that revolve around customer relationship management. The company adds Salesforce automation, customer service management, and marketing automation. Sales professionals will also appreciate that NetSuite includes common tasks like quoting, managing orders, calculating commissions, and forecasting future sales.

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NetSuite CRM features:


NetSuite pioneered cloud computing technology as far back as 1998. Founded on the concept of delivering business applications over the internet, the company provides a full suite of cloud-enabled financial and ERP applications for their ecommerce clients. NetSuite's customers today number as many as 18,000 in over 200 countries around the world. Oracle acquired NetSuite in 2016, which has enabled the company to continue to expand its product line with the backing of a major technology corporation.

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  • NetSuite provides custom pricing for each customer based on their user base and data volume. Contact their sales professionals for a free consultation.


Automate Salesforce Integration
    Salesforce is a standard enterprise application for many companies, so integration with its data and features is a common feature of many CRM packages. NetSuite CRM leverages Salesforce to include upselling, creating and managing quotes, and fulfilling orders. Support cases, contract history, and order details are also pulled from Salesforce to give NetSuite CRM a comprehensive visualization of customer relationships.
    Automate Marketing Tasks
      NetSuite CRM blurs the line between traditional marketing and CRM features by integrating intuitive marketing tasks into its interface. You can leverage this marketing automation to create leads that are ready to be engaged by your sales staff. It also helps marketing professionals to target customers in specific market segments that you identify with NetSuite CRM's reporting and analytics.
      Manage Customer Service
        NetSuite includes a customer service management solution with their CRM package. It provides a real-time visualization of customer interactions and measures customer satisfaction with objective metrics. Everyone who interacts with a customer can access the data generated from a company's sales, customer service, order delivery, and technical support departments in a single place. This single reference source for every customer relationship becomes a powerful analytical tool for gleaning insights into customer behavior.
        Manage Partner Relationships
          NetSuite CRM isn't just for customer relationships. You can manage and analyze your partner relationships as well with real-time data views that enhances collaboration with outside stakeholders. You can integrate your marketing and sales efforts with combined marketing campaigns and sales forecasts. NetSuite CRM tracks partner royalties and commissions, too. It also includes sophisticated partner management features that support marketing channel strategies that combine your partner's campaigns with your own to expand your capabilities.
          Access with Mobile Devices
            Professionals can conduct business from home or on business trips with this enterprise CRM web app. NetSuite CRM is a modern web app that can be accessed from any device with a web browser or NetSuite mobile app. The company supports both Android and iOS users with dedicated apps in addition to a web interface that only requires a modern web browser.


            "This was a powerful CRM to use. It kept records of calls, emails, conversations organized very easily and really helped my company to increase the efficiency of our customer outreach"

            Morgan J., May 13, 2019

            Source: Capterra

            "This was a poweful CRM to use. It kept records of calls, emails, conversations organized very easily and really helped my company to increase the efficiency of our customer outreach"

            Morgan Jackson, May 13, 2019

            Source: GetApp