Suite of marketing, sales and CRM features
Keap is a customer relationship management application that includes sales and marketing features in a single package. Users can access Keap from mobile devices and sync with other apps that it integrates with. Keap bundles together a suite of marketing, sales, and CRM features that small businesses need to create a streamlined sales process.

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Keap features:


Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap is a company that develops CRM, sales, and marketing software with small businesses in mind. Infusionsoft continues to be their sales and marketing product, while Keap is the company's flagship CRM application. Keap focuses on enabling small businesses to compete in today's global economy with automation and integration technologies. The company serves over 200,000 customers and continues to grow.

Plans and Pricing

Plan Details
  • This plan provides CRM, market segmentation, appointment scheduling, and invoicing features. You also get business phone and text messaging features for the iPhone in the US and data migration services.
Plan Details
  • The Pro plan adds recurring payments, market automation, basic sales pipeline automation, and internet forms.
Plan Details
  • The full suite of CRM and marketing features adds advanced sales pipeline automation, online selling and checkout pages, reporting tools, and lead scoring features.


Manage Clients
    The core feature of Keap is its client relationship management system. Small businesses that have outgrown quick-and-dirty data systems like spreadsheets and Word documents will discover better efficiency using Keap's CRM database. They'll also centralize customer contacts in one place with Keap's integration with popular email services.
    Automate your Sales Pipeline
      Modern sales pipelines use automation to both personalize customer experiences as well as remove the manual labor from common sales tasks. Keap includes sales pipeline features like lead tracking, automatic quote generation, organization tools, and automated messages triggered by customer actions. These automation tools help your sales department guide new customers from initial quotes to invoicing with minimal manual work.
      Automate Your Marketing Campaigns
        Marketing is closely related to your sales pipeline: It's the way you bring new customers into the process. Keap includes automated communications like emails and text messages that establish a relationship with leads, which can be customized with templates. You can also leverage your customer profiles and market segment data to target ads to the audience most likely to respond to your messaging.
        Reporting & Insights
          Keap includes a suite of reports designed to drill down into your customer data and discover larger patterns and insights. You'll have marketing, sales, billing, and administrative reports at your fingertips to help you make the right decisions.
          Third-Party Integrations
            Cloud computing and web programming combine to make Keap one of the most integrated CRM applications available. These integrations simplify your work by bringing together the tools you use every day and allowing them to sync data automatically. Keap integrates with most common small business apps, including email, text messengers, office applications, ecommerce marketing services, and scheduling programs.


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