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Jira is a project management cloud application designed to organize collaborative work. It's well suited to the agile method of software development, with modules that address planning, tracking, product release, and reporting. Jira efficiently manages software development projects of all sizes with the agile methodology in mind. The main features of the app include scrum boards, Kanban boards, roadmaps, and reporting. Atlassian also offers Jira Data Center for enterprises that want to host Jira on their own servers.

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Jira features:


Atlassian believes in the power of teamwork. The company markets a set of collaboration tools that help project managers, developers, and stakeholders work as a team to develop complex products. It began in 2001 when two college friends registered the Greek mythology-inspired name "Atlassian." The next year, they launched Jira 1.0 and followed it up with Confluence 1.0 in 2003. Today, those flagship products anchor a comprehensive set of Cloud-based tools that includes Bitbucket, Trello, and Service Desk.

Plans and Pricing

Jira Full Version
Based on Number of Users
Plan Details
  • Atlassian prices Jira according to the number of users you have. As your user base increases, they give discounts on a per user basis. All the pricing brackets in the section below include the full version of Jira.
  • Up to 10 users: $10 a month
  • Up to 100 users: $7 a month for each user
  • The next 150 users: An additional $5 a month for each user
  • More than 250 users: Each user adds $1.10 a month to your price
  • Atlassian provides a handy calculator that you can use to quickly determine the total price for different user group sizes.


Scrum Boards
    Jira's scrum boards streamline the agile method of team collaboration and incremental delivery with a visual display of progress towards project goals. When every member can quickly scan the tasks that are in progress or outstanding, it improves transparency and facilitates communication inside the team. Scrum boards promote the agile method of iterative development with features that support sprint planning.
    Kanban Boards
      Kanban boards display the queue of individual tasks and their status at a glance. Each task is given a card, which moves between lanes that indicate the work completed on it. Developers can easily see which dependencies still need completion or review and prioritize them.
        When managers and developers need a bird's eye view of a project's milestones, roadmaps provide Gantt chart functionality for this. Managers can create the overall schedule and monitor progress of their projects, and roadmaps also communicate a project's status to stakeholders and clients.
        Agile Reports
          Jira tracks team performance and project indicators with a set of predefined reports. The app makes real-time results available at a manager's finger tips with up-to-the-minute data. You can analyze performance in terms of tasks completed per sprint, version reports, burnup charts, and velocity charts.
          Data Center for Enterprises
            Large businesses with in-house development teams have special needs that aren't easily met with the standard cloud platform that Atlassian provides. Data Center is a self-managed version of Jira that can be installed on a private cloud or on-premise servers. It includes the same uninterrupted service and scalability of the standard Jira app, but it allows customization to fit the needs of each organization's internal process.


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