HubSpot's Suite of Software is a Marketing Win
HubSpot is a set of software designed to make your business more accessible than ever to both consumers and employees alike. With three different "hubs" available, automate everything from marketing content to your customer service process. The HubSpot Complete Marketing Suite provides everything your business needs to take its online presence to the next level!

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HubSpot features:


HubSpot is a company that began in 2004 when its founders saw a lack of "inbound" companies. They realized that consumers want to be helped, not harassed, and their software is aimed at helping businesses succeed at just that. Their growth over the last fifteen years shows that their motto works great for businesses of all sizes and shapes!

Plans and Pricing

Base CRM
Plan Details
  • There are tons of different plans and pricing available for HubSpot. The Base CRM is completely free, and comes with features like:
  • Contact management; Website activity & auto forms; Company insights; Deal monitoring; Custom support form fields; Prospect monitoring; Ticketing; Ad management; Meeting scheduling
Complete Media Suite
Starts at $300/monthly
Plan Details
  • In addition to these features, HubSpot's Complete Media Suite (or CMS) completes the experience and adds valuable tools that take your business to the next level. It includes:
  • Everything in CRM; SEO & content strategies; Landing page, blog, and content creation tools; Automated smart content creation and publication; Video hosting & management tools; Custom domain names; Security monitoring, threat detection, and standard SSL certificates
Marketing Hub
Starts at $50, $800, $3200/month
Plan Details
  • Starter ($50): capture and convert, understand and engage your leads
  • Professional ($800): customize you marketing, increase your online presence, optimize your lead conversion, and measure your revenue
  • Enterprise ($3200): manage your team and brands, extend your platform, and get full analytics
Sales Hub
Starts at $50, $400, $1200/month
Plan Details
  • Starter: streamline your outreach, increase flexibility to connect with prospects, and track your performance.
  • Professional: automate & organize your sales, and personalize your outreach
  • Enterprise: improve sales & manage your team at scale, and close deals faster
Service Hub
Starts at $50, $400, $1200/month
Plan Details
  • Starter: maximize efficiency & productivity, and track customer relations
  • Professional: cater to more customers, provide help resources, improve your customers' experiences
  • Enterprise: increase your customer service, manage multiple teams, enable customer self-service


Contact Management
    Build contact groups, set up automated actions for those groups based on their data. Reach out to customers and companies alike with built-in VOIP calling, prospect intel, as well as document sharing and even meeting scheduling.
    Ad Management
      Sync up supported networks and monitor all of your ads in one place. See which ads are successful and change up unsuccessful marketing campaigns easily from HubSpot. Share data with your sales team and monitor a number of social media pages from one spot, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
      Reports Dashboards
        Get the latest information on tons of subjects including customer tasks and activities on your website, sales deals from your team, website analytics reports, and even new company relations prospects based on those visits.
          Track all communications both in and outside of your company. Manage internal and external company communication easily with these tools like conversations inbox, custom support form fields, and others. Simplify things with tons of email templates and canned snippets ready to use.
            Quickly automate different forms (like native or pop-up) to gather visitor contact information and add them to your customer database.
              Create live chatbots to streamline customer service, have 1 on 1 live chat integrated directly on your website for optimized customer service. Log all chat interactions while getting reports on customer satisfaction.
                Simple calls-to-action buttons for your website, list segmentation, smart content with targeted user groups, and custom-designed SEO & content strategy by a support team familiar with your business's needs.
                Website Design
                  Drag and drop website creator and editor, included mobile optimization. Build custom templates directly in HubSpot with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, or use tons of pre-made templates.
                  Customer Support
                    Phone and email support for you and your team to reach out with any questions. Additionally, browse the community forums for other support as well as tons of training and help documents available.


                    "A platform with a soul- HubSpot keeps marketing human with products built on best practices"

                    Sean D., August 2, 2019

                    Source: Capterra

                    "Definitely a requirement if you wish to run an efficient business, with tracking for success!"

                    Paolo Castro, March 20, 2019

                    Source: GetApp