All-in-one Payroll & HR Software. Gusto Protects Your Business.
Gusto is an all-in-one payroll software that can simplify your business. It offers many great tools and options for anyone that wants a simple way to streamline things like payroll, benefits, and HR expertise. Additionally, Gusto provides care customized for your business, ensuring you always have the best answers for your situation!

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Gusto is a company that prides itself on its diversity. The company currently serves over 100,000 customers while thriving since it began as ZenPayroll in 2012. Its mottos of "Go the extra mile" and "do what's right" shine through both in the company's product and award-winning customer service.

Plans and Pricing

$30/mo + $6/mo per person
Plan Details
  • Full-service payroll
  • Employee self service & profiles
  • Health benefits administration
  • Workers' comp administration
  • Best-in-class support
  • Paid-time-off policies
$39/mo + $12/mo per person
Plan Details
  • All the features of Core, plus:
  • Permissions
  • Employee offers & onboarding
  • Simple time tracking
  • PTO policies & time-off requests
  • Employee directory & surveys
$149/mo + $12/mo per person
Plan Details
  • All the features of Complete & Core, plus:
  • Certified HR pros
  • HR resource center


Full-Service Payroll
    Approve paychecks with the click of a button, autopay any payroll taxes, and even set up autopay for your employees.
    Employee Self-Service and Profiles
      Have your employees choose their own benefits on unique profiles to their ID, as well as see their paystubs online. Set up medical, dental, and vision using experts who know exactly what plans your employees will benefit from most.
      Health Benefits Administration
        Get expert knowledge on the best medical plans for your company, as well as ensure compliance with HCA, HIPAA, and others.
        Workers' Comp Administration
          File workers' compensation claims, follow up, and even let your employees keep track of their claim online.
          Dedicated Best-in-Class Support
            Award-winning experts and tech support are available to answer your questions and solve problems!
              Set managers that can approve things like PTO, or get alerted only for big-picture items.
              Employee Offers and Onboarding
                Impress prospective employees with professional letters of employment while keeping track of all necessary new-hire documentation in one place online.
                Simple Time Tracking
                  Hourly employees easily entered their time worked, and you or a manager approves the hours with a click of a button.
                  PTO Policies and Time-Off Requests
                    Approve PTO and other time-off requests online, or have a manager take care of PTO requests.
                    Employee Directory and Surveys
                      Quickly look through your employee list, send out anonymous surveys and keep track of how your employees think the business can improve!
                      Certified HR Pros
                        Get the best answers from a team dedicated to knowing your business so that you're always covered while staying compliant with the latest labor laws and guidelines.
                        HR Resource Center
                          Find blogs, quick suggestions, performance review and new hire templates, and even harassment prevention training manuals.