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BambooHR creates packages customized to your company today, while providing opportunity for growth in the future. Personalized solutions are created to help you reach your goals.

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BambooHR LLC

BambooHR focuses on all parts of the employee life cycle and helps you with hiring, onboarding, compensation, and building company culture. They save you time and stress and let you focus on your people. BambooHR gives employees and organizations the resources to help themselves to get better at what they do. They put the customer experience before all else, customize solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, and make your entire organization more efficient by providing solutions for right now while anticipating your growth.

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    Hiring and Recruitment
    • Hiring
    • Recruitment
    • Collaboration
    BambooHR’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) keeps applicant information organized. Their software makes the application process easy for applicants and ensures communication during the process. Permissions can be added so that team members can collaborate when choosing the best candidate for the position.
    • Onboarding
    • Welcome emails
    • IT checklists
    A suite of automated on-boarding tools is provided so that you can spend more time making the first day better for new hires, rather than filling out forms. Quickly complete paperwork with online signatures, set up welcome emails and IT checklists, and onboard effectively so that you can keep employees while going paperless and saving the environment.
    Benefits and Compensation
      With the employee vacation tracking software, you can check for calendar conflicts, employees can check their PTO information, and you can set up as many paid time off policies as you’d like and add managers to time-off approval requests.
      Workplace Culture
      • Performance management
      • Track goals
      • Provide feedback
      • Peer reviews
      With BambooHR software, employee performance can be managed consistently with higher engagement being the result. You receive talent management data so that you can decide whether changes need to be made. Managers and employees can track goals and provide feedback for each other with BambooHR Performance Management. Additionally, peer reviews provide you with areas of improvement and strengths for each employee so that you can help them develop their careers.
      Employee Data and Analytics
      • Real-time reporting
      • Data integration
      • Training modules
      • Customer support
      BambooHR’s Human Resource Information System simplifies your company’s procedures though real-time software, integration of data into one place, training modules and customer support. BambooHR tracks information and stores employee documents in a way that is customized to your needs.


      "BambooHR provides a great backbone to any Human Resources Department."

      Ryan T., Apr 30, 2019

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      "BambooHR is the solution for your employee information database."

      Maria Hernandez, May 10, 2019

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