Payroll and HR Solutions for businesses of all sizes.
ADP specializes in human capital management. They address business needs in payroll, recruitment, tax, benefits, talent management, and timekeeping. Business owners can choose a system as simple as payroll or benefits administration all the way up to completely outsourcing their HR.

ADP offers more than a dozen software solutions that range from basic payroll to full-featured HR outsourcing. Multiple package tiers within each of ADP’s services enable business owners to choose options to address their unique needs.

Since you can choose among packages designed for workforces ranging from one to tens of thousands, you can be confident about finding a solution that fits your business without the expense or hassle of dozens of options you don’t use or want. The company provides pricing quotes based on business details.

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ADP features:


ADP offers an impressive range of payroll and HR solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The company has been an industry leader for decades, with a reputation stretching back 70 years. Their services begin with basic, reliable payroll for small businesses and expand to comprehensive human resource solutions for global companies.

Plans and Pricing

Essential Payroll
Customized Pricing
Plan Details
  • Accurate, basic payroll.
Enhanced Payroll
Customized Pricing
Plan Details
  • Basic payroll, wage garnishment payments, SUI and labor law posters.
Complete Payroll and HR Plus
Customized Pricing
Plan Details
  • Basic payroll, employee handbooks, background checks, access to ADP's HR help desk.
HR Pro Payroll and HR
Customized Pricing
Plan Details
  • Basic payroll, enhanced HR support, additional perks for both you and your employees.


    At ADP, the focus truly is on people. Having access to secure, reliable, and easy payroll, HR, and benefits solutions enables you to attract and retain the right talent. Streamlining your payroll and HR tasks also saves time and money that’s better invested in your business and staff. ADP has positioned itself to be experts in the field while also addressing a wide range of needs.
    Online Payroll
      A basic solution for businesses of up to 49 employees, RUN powered by ADP enables business owners to process payroll using a powerful, secure cloud-based system. Payroll and employee administration can be done from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. You can get the job done even when you’re not in the office. RUN handles direct deposit, payroll reporting, and compliance.
      Employee Access
        ADP’s Employee Access system gives your staff a portal to view and manage their pay and benefits. Employees can view pay history, tax forms, retirement accounts, and manage paperless statements at any time during the pay cycle.
        Scheduling and Timekeeping
          For businesses looking for timekeeping solutions, ADP provides robust and modern systems. Mobile time clocks that include optional features such as finger scans offer timekeeping that is both easy for employees and accurate for employers. Automatic notifications and approvals save time every day. You can create and manage a schedule with ADP’s intuitive system, which also provides labor analytics to help you make the most of your payroll budget.


          “Implementation went very smoothly and I spoke to our Implementation Specialist almost daily until we were ready to process our first payroll. We learn something new with this software almost weekly.”

          Melissa C., April 19, 2019

          Source: Capterra

          “ADP helped in maintaining a proper record of Login hours and the productivity of all employees. ADP is the best software and a good example of time management.”

          Zuber K., March 6, 2019

          Source: G2